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Weekend Snaps

weekend Nogle snapshots fra en fantastisk weekend, med venner. Denne weekend har bestået af lidt sightseeing, sejle i båd i de københavnske kanaler, spise og drikke mere end jeg nok burde. (Læs om at leje en båd i København her)

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// Some snapshots from an amazing weekend, with friends. This weekend has consisted of sightseeing, boating in the Copenhagen canals, eating and drinking more than I probably should. (Read about renting a boat in Copenhagen here)

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Chasing beach waves

Scandinavian Fashion Blog: Summer Fashion

Scandinavian Fashion: Beach fashion

Walk on the beach fashion

Summer fashion
beach fashion

Scandinavian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Scandinavian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: summer outfit

Summer fashion outfit
Blond girl summer

Sea side fashion

Instagrammer summer fashion

Dress from H&M, find it here

What’s better than to hurry home from work in order to get some solid hours at the beach to watch the sunset. So lucky that I live right next to this beautiful scenery. In these pictures I’m wearing my new favorite piece for this summer, it is from H&M and was on sale. I love how there are still so many great pieces left to find on sale. I have been going crazy lately shopping on sale online, for my trip to Marrakech. So I will do a summer sale post next week, so make sure to check back for that.


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Five tips to a more luxurious look

It is no secret that shopping on a tight budget confined to the sales racks is not as fun as splurging on the newly arrived items with a price tag that says twice as much. However, that’s just how realty is sometimes. But that does not mean you can’t look like a million bucks even though your outfit is on a budget. So today I’ve decided to create a little Tips Thursday. On how to make the clothes, already laying in your closet collecting dust, gain new life, or how to moderate those less exiting sales items just hanging there under that huge red sign screaming 50% off.

1 Change those plastic buttons on your blazer with gold or silver buttons
The first tip I will give you I read on a DIY post on Pinterest a while back ago, and it is just so smart and simple. Your barely worn blazer, it fits you perfectly but is just not giving of that chic and sophisticated look you see on other people. It might even look cheap – maybe because it actually was. An easy first step is to remove the blazers buttons (probably black plastic) and change them with some proper buttons in a gold or silver color. That will give you blazer a much more exclusive look.

DIY Blazer

2 Remember to always iron out those wrinkles
Such an easy thing to do (even though I must admit, this is something I do too rarely… well, because I can be really lazy). However, by simply ironing out those wrinkles in your shirt, t-shirt or whatever, your clothes will soon look a lot more expensive. (If you are a lazy head to, hang your shirt by the shower, the damp will even out those wrinkles in no time! Huh, a tip in a tip, I’m on fire today)

white shirt

3 Always make sure your shoes look clean and polished
I cannot state enough how important this one is! Dirty shoes and then especially heels, that look dirty or broken does not look expensive AT ALL! Obviously after a night out in your favorite pair of heels, they will get smudgy and sticky. It is so easy to polish your shoes, just remember to buy one of those shoe polisher the next time your at the store (plus they are super cheap, so it’s a win win). If you went a little more crazy on the dance floor, and chipped up the heel, a shoemaker will fix this for you within no time and this isn’t expensive either. So make sure to polish up those shoes, there are no excuses left – trust me, I always look for one.

Scandinavian Fashionblog: heels

4 Change the belt on your coat
Usually when you buy a coat, either if it is a big fluffy winter coat or a super sleek trench coat for spring, they usually come with a belt. More often than not, these belts will just be simple in the same fabric as the coat, with a cheap looking plastic buckle. By simply changing the belt to a cooler leather belt, with a sturdier metal buckle, you will change the whole look of your coat.

winter coat

5 Steer clear of overly trendy pieces
This one can actually be more of a challenge, if you love indulging in the latest trends, but will actually get you a long way if you are on a tight budget. The reason for this is because if you spend your tight budget on something that is just so right for this season, the chances are that it might not work for you the next season. So then you might end up only wearing it a couple of times. By focusing your purchasing on more classic items that you can use season after season will give you so much more value for you money.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little Tip Thursday and comment if you have any other great tips on what you do to give your clothes new life.


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Oslo through my Phone

summer fashion

Summer in Oslo

Hvalstrand bad

Oslo Summer

Summer Girl

Oslo Weekend


This weekend I ran away to Oslo, to catch up with family and friends. It almost felt like a little mini-vacation, even though I had (and still are having) the most annoying cold. However, I got to enjoy Oslo to the fullest. I have been soaking up some sun, eating amazing food, drinking some good wine and long silly conversations with some of my best friends. It is so nice to be able to go away for the weekend, to have some time off and not to worry about anything other than deciding on what to eat for breakfast.


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