5 budget friendly activities for Copenhagen this summer

So as you might have noticed from some of my previous posts, I love Copenhagen. It is such a beautiful and vibrant city, with so much to offer. So if you are doing a city summer, I will highly recommend a little trip to Copenhagen. So here are some affordable activities to do in Copenhagen, so that you can save your pocket money for other things … like shopping maybe? Comment if you would like a City Guide on affordable shopping in Copenhagen as well. So here are my six recommendations for your time in Copenhagen, let me know what you think.

Copenhagen Fashion Festival
Copenhagen Fashion Week is just around the corner, which is an exciting time for anyone interested in fashion. However, unless your name in on the guest lists, much of what you see from fashion week will be from behind your computer screen. That is why Copenhagen Fashion Week started this great platform called Copenhagen Fashion Festival for the fashion hungry consumer who wants to be part of the Danish fashion week. This is a festival that is open to everyone, where you will find more than 200 events, including fashion exhibitions, street parties, mini-concerts, competitions, trend shows and shopping events with great discounts. So I will highly recommend being a part of the festivities that are from the 10th to the 14th of August.
Read more about the festival her.

Copenhagen fashion festival

Courtesy of mariebrodersen.com

Papirøen (translation: Paper Island)
As the food lover that I am, this place has with no doubt become on of my favorite places in Copenhagen. This place is street food heaven. The Paper Island is located near Nyhavn and Christianshavn and is right by the canal with the most fantastic view. It is a huge warehouse space that is filled with food stalls, food trucks and containers with different street food from all around the world. My personal favorite is the Thai food. So come here, buy some food, grab a lawn chair and just enjoy life.
Find out more here.

Papirøen street food

Courtesy of dac.dk

Amager Strand (translation: Amager Beach)
Spending your summer in Copenhagen, and the sun is shining this is where you want to spend your day. I feel so lucky to live right next to this place. Just a 10-minute metro ride from the city center and you will find yourself at the most beautiful beach, which seems just to go on forever. Such a beautiful place, with white sand, clear water, and my personal favorite: they sell amazing ice cream there. During the summer, there is also being hosted different beach parties here, that are so much fun. Where they play live music, food trucks serving you all sorts of exciting food, drinks & rosé wine as far as the eye can see, and happy people dancing far into the night.
Find the next beach part here.

Amager Strand

Courtesy of lovecopenhagen.com

Go Boat
If you love to be on the water, this will be perfect for you. Gather your best friends, pack a delicious picnic and head out for the canals of Copenhagen. GoBoat it’s a Company that allows you to rent a boat, suitable for up to eight people, to explore the canals of Copenhagen, (note, you drive the boat yourselves). The price is based on how many hours you rent it, and is quite cheap if you are many people. I’m going out with some friends in the end of July to try a Goboat for the first time, I’m so excited. However, if you want a cheaper version of exploring the canals, there are these tourist boats you can go on, that will guide you through the canals, though it is a lot more touristy than the Goboats.
Check out the Go Boats here, or this one for the cheaper version.

Copenhagen: Goboat

Courtesy of goboats.dk

Frederiksberg Have (translation: Frederiksberg Gardens)
If you are in the need of a little bit of magic, this is the place for you. The Frederiksberg Garden is one of the largest and most attractive green spaces in Copenhagen and is breathtaking. It is just the most romantic landscape, and you feel like you just entered a fairytale world. The garden is filled with winding paths, small canals, the most incredible trees, plants and a large variety of birds. Do yourself a favor, and save some time in your busy schedule for a quite and relaxing walk through the garden. (It is located right next to Copenhagen Zoo)
You can fin the garden here.

frederiksberg have

A summer guide to Copenhagen would not be complete without mentioning Tivoli. This is though one of the more touristy things to do in this Copenhagen Guide and is a little bit more expensive than the other alternatives. However, it is quite remarkable to have an amusement park in the middle of the city. Here you can experience different rides, suitable for both adults and kids, or just walk through the beautiful scenery of Tivoli’s gardens. At Tivoli there is as well often many different concerts, Pharrell Williams recently performed here. So if you are going to Copenhagen, I would make sure to check out their summer program.
Find all the information you need here.

Tivoli Copenhagen

Courtesy of grayline.com

Hope you enjoyed this guide, on what to do in Copenhagen, during the summer. There are of course so many other exiting things to do in this Amazing city. However, this is some of my top tips for a summer in the city. Leave a comment if you would like to know more about Copenhagen, or other small tips and tricks to the city.
And don’t forget to enjoy this amazing city of mine!


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toldboden: restaurant fashionblogg

Fashionblog: toldboden copenhagen


Fashionblog: Toldboden Copenhagen

fashionblog: Toldboden Copenhagen cocktails

fashionblog: rose wine at Toldboden in Copenhagen

Scandinavian fashion blog

The perfect place for some wine by the sea side. As promised in this previous post, my first Copenhagen Guide is going to be about this restaurant called Toldboden. This place is for sure one of the best spots in Copenhagen to enjoy during the summer. Toldboden is located right by the famous statue The Little Mermaid and has some beautiful surroundings, not to mention the pretty view of the sea. At Toldboden you can enjoy fresh seafood, cold wine, and some summery cocktails. As it’s right by the water, it’s quite windy, so I wouldn’t bother spending too much time on your hair (as you can see in my last picture).

You can find Toldboden at Nordre Toldbod 18-24, 1259 København Hope to see you there !!


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