1. ASOS    2. CHLOÉ    3. RAG & BONE    4. ZARA    5. MISSONI

It never changes, whenever there is a new season, I have the sudden urge to update my entire wardrobe. Even though we have been so lucky here in Copenhagen that the summer has already been here since may, I still give a silent sigh every morning when I try to decide my outfit for the day. So here I have gathered some colorful favorites I wouldn’t mind pack in my holiday suitcase this season, if I manage to find the time (and the budget) to jet off somewhere with sun, sand and palmtrees. So for now I will silently dream about this green MISSONI bikini, and hope that the lovely summer weather here in Copenhagen will acompany us a little longer.

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  • Natja

    I like the dress, but I am always in two minds about these cheap brands like ASOS. Don’t they all produce in cut-throat factories in Bangladesh?
    Do you have any recommendations if it comes to vegan fashion?