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Okay, here it goes, my first ever post on my new blog The Midnight Blonde. My name is Michelle Christensen; I’m a 23-year-old fashion enthusiast, on the verge to crazy-dog-lady and always on the lookout for new experience.

Born and raised with my equally dog-obsessed crazy-lovingly family in Oslo Norway and currently living in the lovely and vibrant city Copenhagen in Denmark. I recently graduated from the university where I have been studying Branding and Marketing within the fashion & lifestyle industry for three years. I did as well live in Paris, where I did an exchange semester in fashion management, which is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have known since probably at the age of eighth, that I wanted a career within this crazy fashion industry, and it has been a long road to narrow down the path that suited me the most. I have wanted to do it all… from modeling (in my defense I was 12, and I also wanted to become the next Hanna Montana), to fashion design which I studied for 3 years in High School in Oslo, and from there wanting to study purchasing at the university in Denmark (which I soon found out to be way too much math for me to cope with), so then I changed my specialty to Marketing. But it wasn’t until my time in Paris, where I got my creative juices flowing in a Fashion Press class where I got a taste of what I would like to do career wise. Researching material for articles where suddenly fun, creating content to something I actually have an interest for, and best of all, getting to play around in InDesign to make it look like the glossy fashion magazines I have been reading since I can’t even remember.

So this opened my eyes to wanting to learn everything there is to learn about fashion editing, communication, PR, event and all that follows. So here I am opening up a new blog, sharing it with you. The things that have encouraged me to start The Midnight Blonde are first of all to practice. Practice my writing skills, my communication skills, photography skills and not to mention my editing skills. So I will come well prepared when I dive into the work scene, (so bear with me here).

Here I will as well share my favorite places to visit in Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, London, and hopefully many other exiting places soon.

So I welcome you to The Midnight Blonde, and hope you will join me on my journey towards entering the big world of fashion, travel, hard work and a whole bunch of fun.

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  • Eva

    You go girl! Looking forward to following your journey!

  • michelle

    Thank you Sweety <3