Fashionblogger: scandinavian street style

scandinavian street style: danish fashion blog

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scandinavian fashion blogger: copenhagen street style

scandinavian fashion blogger

scandinavian street style
danish fashion blog: street style

fashionblogger: scandinavian street style

Top from H&M // Vintage Jeans from Levis // Sarong from Pink Woman // Sandals from ZARA

City summers aren’t all that bad. I am working all summer, as we are working towards Copenhagen Fashion Week, that kicks off the 10th of August. So even though I’m not laying in a swinging hammock on the beach sipping mojitos, does not mean I’m not going to break out my favorite beachwear. Sadly the weather lately has not been all that great. So I just booked a two week holiday to Marocco, Marrakech. I can’t wait to explore their unique culture, taste their colorful spices and all the other wonders Marrakech has to offer. God, I’m so excited!! Anyone with some good tips for Marrakech?

However, if you are spending your summer in Copenhagen I will make a great guide to the city next week, so make sure to check back soon!

If you want to know more about Copenhagen Fashion Week, check it out here. 


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toldboden: restaurant fashionblogg

Fashionblog: toldboden copenhagen


Fashionblog: Toldboden Copenhagen

fashionblog: Toldboden Copenhagen cocktails

fashionblog: rose wine at Toldboden in Copenhagen

Scandinavian fashion blog

The perfect place for some wine by the sea side. As promised in this previous post, my first Copenhagen Guide is going to be about this restaurant called Toldboden. This place is for sure one of the best spots in Copenhagen to enjoy during the summer. Toldboden is located right by the famous statue The Little Mermaid and has some beautiful surroundings, not to mention the pretty view of the sea. At Toldboden you can enjoy fresh seafood, cold wine, and some summery cocktails. As it’s right by the water, it’s quite windy, so I wouldn’t bother spending too much time on your hair (as you can see in my last picture).

You can find Toldboden at Nordre Toldbod 18-24, 1259 København Hope to see you there !!


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Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian Fashionblog: YSL Crossbody bag

Scandinavian Fashion blog: denim skirt
Scandinavian Fashionblog: YSL crossbodybag

Scandinavian Fashionblog: city oasis

Scandinavian Fashionblog: heels

Shirt from  ZARA // Skirt from Bik Bok // Shoes from & Other Stories // Bag from Yves Saint Laurent

Even though I’m a total sucker for cozy weekends on the couch, having a busy weekend with many plans with close friends are even better. I wore this outfit to an office party with the boyfriend. The best with this outfit is that I could wear it to work, and then go directly to an after work party, with only refreshing the makeup.

This weekend I also had one of my oldest and dearest childhood friend and here boyfriend come to visit from Oslo. I love having people come to visit, because then I have a really good excuse to be a tourist in my own city. So we have been browsing in vintage stores, eating great food, clubbing with a bunch of friends and we even took a canal boat taking us around the canals of copenhagen.

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FASHION BLOG: street style - black outfit

FASHIONBLOGGER: stylish - scandinavian style 2016
FASHION BLOGGER: scandinavian street style 2016

fashion blogger: scandinavian street style 2016

scandinavian fashion blogger street syle 2016
scandinavian street style: fashion blogger 2016

danish fashion blog 2016 street style

T-shirt from  Zoe Karassen // Skirt from ZARA // Boots from Dr. Martens

Thursday Troublemaker out and about. Today I have been surfing around the streets of Copenhagen, with my better half, (the patient dude behind the camera). We wined and dined at one of the best restaurants to enjoy if you are spending your summer in Copenhagen. I will make a small review of this restaurant soon, in my first Copenhagen guide. But if you can’t wait, the restaurant is called Toldboden and is perfect for late summer nights with a bucket or two of rosé wine.

This look has become one of my favorite go-to outfits this season because it’s easy and effortless. And I have always been a sucker for the slightly edgy look. I have never (or not at least since I was about 12-years-old) been a “dress-girl”. So compromising with a black leather skirt, and some heavy boots is right up my alley.

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